As we said many times, breeding is having patience. We have the patience, but we are helping that patience with actions. Also, as we explained before, we had our bad stallions choices. Those bad choices were not to be blamed to the choose stallions because many times, genetics don't match. A stallion can be a great producer in one farm, and not produce in other farm with different genetic bases.
The last 2 years we habe been looking for genetics with better heads than we have. We believe having obtained an improvement in the scale of better heads. Auteur (Arbiteur x Indira Rose) did a good job helping with its big eyes, very good hip, leggy and flat front between eyes and very good separation of eyes. Very dry head and lot of movement. After having used him in 3 seasons, now, we need to move forward.
Excalibur EA (Shaghai EA out of Essence of Marwan) and Dominc M (Da Vinci x Rosa la Valentina by Versace) are the new genetic in which we trust to accomplish a new step forward in our breeding program. Will see in next 2 or 3 years if we made the right choice……
Anyhow, we are still looking for next year genetic….. PATIENCE and ODDS need to be helped.


It has been over three years of our last rudder correction on our breeding program. More and more, these latest times show the need of keeping alert and do not sleep on ''past year’s improvements’'. The Arabian Industry is showing a constant and sustain growth. More and new genetics are successfully used. A stallion that 3 years ago, and even the great legends, have been overcome. A constant search of new combination is the only way to keep being competitive and updated. Thanks to the Estancia Las Rosas and Princess Laetitia D’aremberg’s generosity, we have temporary imported for two breeding seasons their stallion AUTEUR  (Arbiteur x Indian Rose). Breeding him to our AB magnum's doughters, we strongly believe that this stallion will make a contribution to our breeding program. Leggy, tall, flat forehead, big open black eyes and a strong hip, will improve our genetic and provide additional brood mares to AB magnum.
At the same time, HCE MAGLETRO (AB magnum x HCE Maglektra) has proven thru its foals his contribution to substantially improve our heads. Its filles (HCE Lekmomenta, HCE Lekmenta, HCE Lekrivana y HCE Leklight) are the best foals born this past season. 
In our search for additional genetic alternatives we have imported frozen semen of Major Aristocrat  a son of Major Jamaal of the Ali Jamaal lines and of the Ajman Moniscione’s son  Montana Firenze .
Time fill speak for ourselves and our program. Hope it will be good.
As a good friend, Rick Taylor, when I was new  breeder, said, breeding is to have patience, patience and more patience and when you are running out of patience, …… have a little more patience.


On June 25th 2005 we were lucky and able to purchase AB magnum from Count Federico Zicchy Tyssen. We saw him at  2 years old  and we immediately knew we were in front of a great potential stallion. We fell inlove with his type, attitude and refinement. We knew that AB magnum could make a big difference in our breeding program, so early before having him, we purchased 26 breedings.  
As of today, AB magnum has prooved us to be the great and geneticaly strong stallion we expected. All his offsprings carry his immage, type, refine head, his great black eyes, his exceptionaly mild temperament, and his attitude.
The succesful embrio transference program in which we have put him through,  is allowing us to sell  his doughters and still, keep some for our breeding program.
Having sold the recent 2006 Argentinian National Grand Champion Mare HCE MAGBEY and one his best up to now filly HCE MAGDONNA to the U.S (currently in South Africa)., HCE LAN MAGICA, Colombian Nationa Champion Filly, HCE MAGBLEND Uruguaian Great Champion Female,  confirms our determination in giving all Arabian Breeders the opportunity to own a great descendent of  AB magnum.
The lately winns of HCE MAGLUZ, HCE MAGLIGHT, HCE MAGBELLE, HCE MAGCANNA in the Fillies Championships confirm we are in the right track.
We specialy thank to breeders and visitors from the United States, Uruguay, Ecuador, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, United Arabeb Emirates, Germany, Holand, Bolivia and Europe who have honored us with their visit and purchases. We hope that they enjoy their acquisitions & recent winns as much as we enjoy with each AB magnum product.   
ENJOY...AB magnum